Custom Wash Services

Some of our customers have specialized needs due to non-factory rims, lowered vehicles, or oversized trucks that won't fit down our wash line.  These vehicles are pulled off to the side and washed in a designated area.  Each Custom Wash includes Tire Dressing and Air Freshener of your choice.  Prices are as follows:

Custom Wash Car $24.95

Custom Wash Truck or SUV $29.95

Custom Wash with Express Hand Wax Car $59.95

Custom Wash Truck or SUV with Express Hand Wax $64.95

All vans, trucks, 4x4's and special vehicles are extra. We are not responsible for non-stock or modified vehicles, loose trim, power antennas, etc.  Please remove all valuables from vehicle. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left in vehicle.

Additional Wash Services

Exterior Wash Only                  $12.95

Tire Dressing                        $2.00

Floor Mats (each)                    $1.50

Floor Mats Oversized (each)        $3.00

Complete Exterior Dressing        $4.00

Interior Cream Protectant          $7.50

Air Freshener                        $2.00

(Choose from: Baby Powder, Cherry, Jasmine, Leather, lemon, New Car Scent, Pina Colada, Pine, Spice, Strawberry, Vanilla or Black Ice)